I’m possible

In this online world it might seem impossible to find a way to make new clients find your gym.

But it is not.

As a result of everyone being online,  there are many possibilities to get the attention of the client. And it is up to you how you will use those.



So I don’t want to make it more confusing than it already is. I will just stick to the main tools you can use.

  • Website: this should be the most informative medium for your company. Your website needs to tell everything about your gym.
  • Facebook: an undeniable medium. It has so many options to get in touch with new clients.
  • Instagram: in our industry, Instagram is very much used. Take advantage of that.
  • Content creation: think about what you want to share on your social media. Make a solid content planning and make sure you stick to that. Content which is consistent is most worthy.
  • Blogs: in a blog you can write a longer message to you clients. Tell them what is going on in your company, what is your expertise and inform them with worthy information.
  • Vlogs: like a live blog. Very nice way to show your clients how your lessons are and how your gym looks inside.
  • Video’s: a more professional video than a vlog. Use this a promotional item or instructional video.
  • Advertising: on all media you can start advertising and make a good first impression about your gym. You can also target a special group you would like to get into you gym.
  • Interaction on platforms: as online interaction is very useful for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you should register your gym  on those platforms. They will help you te be found by people who don’t know your gym yet. MyGymAnywhere is such a platform.
  • Reviews by clients: ask your clients to share their experiences on your website, Facebook and MyGyAnywhere. It is very strong when users tell about your gym.

One at a time

The tools I mentioned, aren’t the only ones. There are many other options to get your gym seen by new clients.

It just doesn’t make sense to start with all of them.

Consistency is key. That is our truth in training, but it also counts for social media.

You’d better be active on only a few media, but consistent and worthy for your followers, than doing all of them ‘just a little’.


Make a plan and stick to it

Same as in training: if you want to get a goal; you make plan. When the plan is right, you only have to follow it.

It works the same with content creation. Think in advance about what you would like to share with your followers and make a calendar for that. All you have to do is prepare those messages and schedule them already in advance.

In this way you won’t do only impulsive posts ‘because you had to post something’. You post value only and people will appreciate that.

Just plan a few hours per week to focus on content creation and you will always have posts you are happy with.


Wanna know more?

As I know social media might be a pain in the ass, I wrote an E-book to give you some overview and make it easier.

Just sent me an email via info@mygymanywhere.com and let me know if you want to get a copy of this. It’s free and I will sent it to you.

If you have any questions; let me know!


Kind regards,

Liesbeth Uithol







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