Time is precious

Traveling is what I love most. Besides training. Anywhere I go, I continue my training.

Depending on my goal, I try to find a suitable gym.

As I am staying in Valencia this week, I went to a gym here. I knew they allow people to come to train only once.

My time, same as anyone else’s time is precious. It will never get back.

Especially when I stay abroad, I prefer to use my time as efficient as possible. I prefer to use my time working or enjoying this beautiful, rather than waiting.

And that is what happens often: when I go to another gym. I have to wait 15-30 minutes before all is settled and done and I can start training.


Forms as formality

I have to fill in all my data; name, date of birth, telephone number, place where I live, place where I am staying, passport number etc….

The kind lady at the desk fills out all data in the system. Obviously her language is so different than mine, that she finds it hard to believe that I am really called ‘Liesbeth’ instead of ‘Lisbet’ or ‘Liesbarth’.

She only has to copy it from the form I filled out, but still; she just doesn’t see what it says. Which I can understand. Totally.

After the system knows I am about to train for 1 time, she asks me to sign a form. In Spanish.

The kind lady doesn’t really understand my English and I don’t completely understand het Spanish.

So, we are not on the same level completely.

I assume the form is about risks and responsibilities. I probably signed that I am aware that when I drop a dumbell on my toe, that is not their responsibility. But It could have been anything. Because I did not understand it. At all.

Actually, this is what happens in most gyms when someone only wants to train once. The amount of work for the lady at the desk is beyond making sense for this one-time-only visitor. She probably has so many other tasks she could focus on. It is a waste of time for her. And, of course, I understand why the gym has this procedure.

Let’s make it easier and save time

If only there was an application which covers all this paperworks……. 😉

When registered on MyGymAnywhere, the gym employees don’t have any paperwork anymore. The sporter buys the day pass online and MyGymAnywhere septs a confirmation mail to both sporter and gym. By buying the pass, the sporter agrees to the terms of the gym.

So, filling out forms is not necessary anymore. That saves both precious time and work. The sporter comes in, shows his name and the gym knows he was coming, so he can start training immediately.

I loved my training there and I loved the gym. So, I will go there again. And I told them I really liked their facilities, but that it costs us both a lot of time to get in, in the first place. She agreed to me and said that she had to work like this , although it is a bit ‘old-fashioned’.

I told her about MyGymAnywhere and asked what it would mean to her if she could continue doing her work, instead of copying forms. She was very enthousiast, and said;’ I have so much work to do; I prefer to spent my time on activities which are more ‘building’ our gym.’

What she meant was that she felt all this paperwork was holding her back and took too much energy compared to what it brings the gym.

And actually I liked her point of view a lot and I couldn’t agree more.

Lets skip the non-sense activities and save time and ‘build’ the gyms!

As I travel often to Valencia, I will go back soon to this gym soon!


Obviously, I am in contact with their Headquarters already to get them part of MyGymAnywhere as well …… 😉

Kind regards, Liesbeth




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