It is ON. MyGymAnywhere is live. I can hardly describe how that makes me feel. I feel fear, pride, joy, faith and motivation.

To be honest: it feels a bit the same as the last minutes before I am going to complete (or try to complete) a workout. That feeling that doing that workout is serious the only thing I really want to.

At the same time I feel the fear of not being able to complete it like I hope I will. Or not being able to stay strong enough mentally. But also the joy of getting stronger, the pride that I am about to nail a workout again. And the faith that I will reach my goal: just by doing my workouts daily; over and over again.

MyGymAnywhere was born a year ago. My own experience of not being able to find a proper gym when I was abroad, made me realize it had to be possible to change that.  Why spending a lot of time during a trip abroad to find a gym which suits my goals? Or filling up some forms in a language I don’t understand? And the disappointment of being confronted with a gym owner who said he doesn’t ‘do day-passes’. I was literally waving with money; I found a gym, I want to give you my money; I just want to train. Please let me.

Nobody wants to spent more time on that than necessary. Everyone just wants to train and continue doing what they are abroad for; spending time with loved-ones, exploring the city or business.

That is what MyGymAnywhere is about: just train wherever we are. Because we love to train.

My plans are BIG. Always. Same for MyGymAnywhere. I am realistic though. We will take step by step. Our first step was going Live. Although the first step will not be the biggest one; it definitely is the most important one.

From now one we are going to conquer the world. And your help is very welcome. If you know any awesome gyms, anywhere, or want to share your experiences with a gym with us; please sent us an email. We would love to stay in contact with you and hear your wishes.

I am happy MyGymAnywhere is live now|; now we can really start and make sure you can train wherever you are.

Kind regards, Liesbeth

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