MyGymAnywhere provides you the gym closest to you. Wherever you are. Whether you are traveling for business or on holidays; with MyGymAnywhere you can find the gym which suits your training best and make sure you can continue your training and lifestyle. Wherever you are.


Locating your next gym via our website and application will bring you:

  • No costs to register
  • Only pay per use
  • No contracts
  • Ease to buy a day pass
  • No paperwork at the desk in the gym
  • More time to train
  • Freedom to chose where you want to train

As we know how important freedom is to you, we don’t work with contracts or registration fees. You just book for the period you want to train in that specific gym. One day. One week. One month. It is up to you. This makes you flexible to choose what suits you best at that moment.

All you need to do is register, choose your gym and buy your entrance pass. You will get an email which is your entrance pass; just show it to the gym and you don’t have to fill in any forms anymore at the gym. You can start training immediately. Enjoy your workout !

Create your free account and get a FREE day pass: