We all know we should not quit before we reached our goals. But why does quitting seem to be way easier than continue doing what needs to be done ?

Why is quitting way easier ?

In my opinion it has a lot to do with fear. Fear for the unknown. Fear for result (serious….). Fear for ourselves.

The fear to not be able to do whatever needs to be done or the fear of what will happen if we reach our goals.

Isn’t it way more comfortable to stick to the known situation than to dive into the deep? It is. And we all know that ‘the magic does not happen in comfort zones’, but still we all are quite afraid of leaving that zone.

For sure, we all have a part in life in which we do not feel that fear at all. All of a sudden that part of life is called a ‘hobby’.

What we really love to do, does not make us afraid. Or we love that specific fear as well. For example: when I am just a few moments ahead of a heavy WOD (Workout Of the Day0, I definitely feel fear. But I love that feeling, as I trust myself I will be able to handle and complete it.


Fear is a liar

When we have a goal which is challenging because we have no clue how we will react when approaching that goal, it might be easier to quit before we reach the goal. Most of the times we do have a plan to reach the goal. A time path, a schedule, some support from people around us and the motivation to really reach the goal.

Why do we quit then? Is it that scary to reach a goal? Are we lazy? Or do we just lose track?

Probably it is a combination of these. To make something a habit, it needs to be repeated many times. Not all days it will be possible to repeat the way you would like to. And if those days follow after each other, you might be completely forget what you were doing and why you were doing that: to reach your goal.


Stick to it: wherever you are going

Just sticking to the plan, doing daily what needs to be done (even if you don’t feel like it), and taking it day by day will definitely help you to get to your goal and make sure you won’t quit.

Make sure you keep the overview Why you are doing it, How you are going to do it, When you will do it and What the goal is. It might help to visualize these facts, so you can literally see them and they motivate you to stay on track and don’t quit.

Although quitting might seem easier; continuing and reaching your goal is way more satisfying.

Stay on that track; wherever you want to go!


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